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With a large number of options available to you for HDTV reception, it can be difficult to know which antenna to choose. Choosing the correct antenna has many factors - distance from the broadcast tower(s), direction, surrounding terrain, to name just a few.
The form below allows our techs to quickly assess your situation and determine the best antenna solution for your specific location. Typical response time from an antenna technician is only a few hours.
  Antenna Recommendation Instructions:
  1. Complete the antenna questionnaire form below, it should only take a few minutes. The questions are designed to help us collect the necessary information to help choose an antenna for you. Be sure to enter a valid email address to ensure delivery of our recommendation.
  2. Submit your responses by clicking on the "Recommend an Antenna!" button near the bottom.
  3. You should see a confirmation that your request has been submitted.
  4. Keep a look out for an antenna recommendation email arriving to the address you provide below.
Let's start by telling us your name (optional):
We'll need an email address to send our response (required):
We'll need your installation location. First, your street address:
       and more importantly, your installation zip code (required):
What metropolitan area broadcasts are you trying to receive?
How many TVs / monitors will you be sending TV signal to?
Approximately how many feet will your cable be from the antenna to each TV/monitor?
Will your antenna be inside or outside?
Inside Outside
Are there any restrictions on mounting an antenna outside of your dwelling (condo, apartment, association, etc)?
Yes No
If inside, do you plan on installing in your attic?
Yes No
If outside, how will you mount the antenna?
What type of material is your roof made out of?
Would you say there is enough attic space for an antenna?
Yes No
Do you know where you would prefer to install an antenna?
Yes No
If so, would you describe the installation location you had in mind?
Do you currently have an antenna?
Yes No
If yes, why are you potentially interested in an new / other antenna model?
Have you every used an amplifier in your location in the past?
Yes No
Is there any other characteristics of your surrounding terrain and / or reflection sources?
You may provide a contact phone number to discuss (optional):

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