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Winegard SquareShooter HDTV Antenna SS-1000/SS-2000

The SquareShooter™ is only 16 inches square, but receives and resonates analog and HDTV signals 40-50 miles from the transmitter, depending on the model - SS-1000 (non-amplified) or SS-2000 (amplified).

Its small size and design allows for versatile mounting locations such as walls, roofs, patios, attics and railings. Plus, the SquareShooter™ can be mounted above a satellite dish using Winegard’s DS-1000 home satellite mounting kit and diplexed with the existing satellite coax cable, incorporating both the satellite and SquareShooter™ Off-Air signals on one cable.

Both models have a very high 20 to 1 front-to-back ratios and were specifically designed for urban/metropolitan locations where line-of-sight to the transmit source is blocked. Scatter-Plane technology neutralizes reflected, out-of-phase signals arriving at the back of the antenna element. This provides the SquareShooter™ its muscle to reject multi-path signal (ghosting) and the ability to tune into the desired reflected signal for the best reception characteristics so critical for downtown urban locations.
  Winegard SquareShooter mounted on a satellite dish (dish not included)
The SS-2000 is equipped with Winegard’s new digital preamp specifically designed for digital reception with an input level of 300,000 mV and 12 dB flat gain across the entire band pass. This design ensures proper digital demodulation for the Square Shooter™ antennas.
Potential mounting options for SS-1000 and SS-2000 antennas
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