Key, features
  • Cast, metal, housing, with, ground, connections
  • AC/DC, passive, on, all, sides
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  • For, TV, antenna, or, cable, TV, use
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  • Cable, connectors, not, included
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    Winegard 4-Way 75-Ohm Splitter for Cable and TV Antennas (SP-2054)
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    Winegard List Price: $7.99 
    Winegard Direct Price: $5.99 
    Standard Shipping: $8.99 

    Your final cost: $ 14.98 
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    • For coupling or dividing signals on 75 ohm coaxial line 
    • Splitter has F-type connections for RG-59, RG-6 or RG-11/U cable, connectors not included 
    • 4 way line splitter, passes 5-2050 MHz 
    • Cast metal housing with ground connections 
    • AC/DC passive on all sides 
    • Splitter Loss: 40-950 MHz 7.5 dB 1000-2050MHz 11.0 dB 
    • Isolation Loss Between Tap: 40-950 MHz 22dB 1000-2050 MHz 22dB 
    • For Cable TV or TV Antenna 
    • manufacture's may vary depending on availability 
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