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Winegard RC-1010 Digital HD Receiver (RC-1010)
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Get crisp, clear digital over-the-air reception on your existing TV! The compact receiver connects between your Sensar® Antenna and your TV to deliver DVD quality picture and sound on your Analog or Digital TV and the added benefits of Digital TV. 

  • Clearest Image Available--No More Snowy Picture  
  • Theater Quality Sound--Dolby 5.1 Digital Compatible  
  • Increased Programming Choices through Multicasting  
  • HDTV Compatible for Use with HD-capable TVs 
  • 8 1/2"L x 6"D x 1 3/4"H.  
  • 120-volt.  
  • Compatible with HD (high definition) TV; Dolby® Digital 5.1 and 2.0 and closed captioning.  
  • Programmable for parental control over programming access.  
  • Includes connector cords, remote and instructions.  

Snowy picture and poor sound quality are things of the past with Winegard’s Digital HD Receiver. Now you can see the clearest image available and hear DVD-quality sound, using your analog TV and crank-up antenna. The compact receiver connects easily between your antenna and your TV to deliver crystal clear digital channels.

New Digital Standard Coming in 2009
Broadcast television stations are currently simulcasting both analog and digital over-the-air signals. On June 12, 2009, all analog television signal transmission will cease. At that time, analog TVs will require a receiver to convert digital over-the-air signals to analog signals that older TVs can display. Production of analog TVs ended in March 2007. With the Winegard Digital HD Receiver, you can still use your analog TV to receive digital signals--no need to buy another TV! The Winegard Digital HD Receiver can be used in your RV or at home with no monthly fees.

Digital television delivers DVD quality picture and sound to your existing analog television. And with Digital reception, your picture is always perfect; no more snow, no more static.

Additional channels available with multicasting
Instead of broadcasting only 1 channel, broadcasters can Multicast up to 6 additional channels of news, weather, childrens shows and other programming on 1 channel. Programming will vary by broadcaster.

Free High Definition programming with HD-ready TVs
Experience the highest quality picture available that only your Winegard Digital Receiver can provide through true High Definition Programming that satellite and cable cant match. Best of all, its FREE!
  • Easy connection for home or RV.
  • On-screen programming guide lets you know whats on, when its on.
  • Capable of Dolby® Digital and Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound audio output.

Digital Transmission Advantages

  • Transfers data in bits--like a computer--rather than using magnetic waves like analog transmission.
  • Digital transmissions carry much more information than analog, delivering much more picture detail and DVD/CD-quality audio.
  • TV stations have up to 6 channels to multicast different programming: their main programs with enhanced sound and picture plus up to 5 more channels of additional programming, such as weather, news, special features, movies, children’s programs, sports and more (program choices vary by station).
  • Uses less of the broadcast spectrum, freeing bandwidth for public service and wireless use.  
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