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Winegard SS 2000 SquareShooter UHF Only Amplified Digital/Analog/HDTV Antenna System (SS-2000)
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Winegards newest sister antenna to the SS-1000. The new SS-2000 has a built-in 12dB UHF amplifier better suited for HDTV OFF-AIR reception. Built from the award winning SS-1000 style antenna. 

  • Integrated 12dB gain amplifier across both UHF/VHF bands for better reception of digital HDTV channels. 
  • Choose amplified model SS-2000 with built-in pre-amp when 25 miles from tower or further. 
  • Box size: L 26.5" H 19" W 3.5" 
  • Box size: 25" x 24" x 6" 
  • Includes hardware to mount to standard DIRECTV / DishNetwork dish masts 
  • Average beamwidth: 61° 
  • Average VSWR across band: 1.3:1 
  • Average Front to back: 13 db 
  • Average antenna gain across band 470-806: 4.5 db 
  • Maximum Width: 16 x 16 x 4 
  • Comes with J-Type Mast and Mount. 
  • Range for Channels (14-69): 0-45 Miles (Analog), 0-50 Miles (Digital) 
Winegard’s newest digital antenna. A true technological break-through and Innovations award winner. It’s the Best designed, Best-built, Best performing, Best looking, Easiest to install, Urban/metropolitan HDTV antenna available. An absolutely unique antenna with unlimited installation options. Fast and easy installation, Requiring no assembly. Because of its revolutionary design, it offers multiple mounting solutions for the best digital TV reception up to 50 miles out. Can be easily mounted using familiar DBS satellite antenna hardware, on Walls, Fascias, Roofs, Railings, Over a Satellite Dish, In the attic, On patios, Almost any place an installer needs to place it.

The latest DTV set-top boxes show significant improvements in receiving DTV signals, particularly with respect to multipath echoes that can in some cases prevent successful reception. However, antenna characteristics are still an important part of the whole system. While difficult DTV reception can often be overcome using high gain and directional Yagi, logperiodic, or multi-element bow tie antennas, these tend to be expensive, large and suitable only for outdoors or attic mounting. There continues to be a need for small antennas optimized for DTV reception in urban environments, where signal strengths may be good but multipath is frequently a problem.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year the Winegard Company introduced a compact antenna specifically for DTV reception in urban locations but with the ability to receive signals over longer distances. The SS-2000 is built on the same platform as the SS-1000 “SquareShooter™” which the design won a CES Innovations Award in the Design and Engineering Showcase. With the integrated 12 dB amplifier, the new SS-2000 is much better suited for digital HD OFF-AIR reception than the SS-1000 because of the confusion caused by the difference in the UHF/VHF gain in the non-amplified version (SS-1000). Winegard says that the SquareShooter utilizes non-traditional electromagnetic antenna design for superior performance and, at the same time, provides that new contemporary “look and feel” desired by DTV/HDTV consumers, and states that it will outperform all but the largest high-band VHF/UHF directional antenna systems.

Increased front-to-back ratio is obtained using a rear "scatter plane" to block signals from the back of the antenna. The good front-to-back ratio, absence of side lobes, and quite narrow acceptance angle should all contribute to excellent performance under multipath conditions. A key feature of the sinuous antenna is its equal sensitivity to signals of all polarizations – a technique suggested by others but not previously implemented in a consumer product. Field tests have shown that, as well as providing rejection of multipath echoes when receiving the main signal, the antenna allows reception in urban environments using a signal reflected from an adjacent building. The antenna has no internal preamplifier. However, Winegard has a new external preamp (HDP-269) for DTV with very uniform gain over the full band and excellent intermodulation performance, which is suggested for long feeder runs.

The SquareShooter antenna element is produced using conductive ink that is screen-printed onto a polycarbonate base. The element is housed in an enclosure size 16” x 16” x 4” suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with a wide range of mounting options.
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