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HD7694P (VHF, UHF)
The newest medium to long range "yagi" dtv antenna from Winegard Co. The HD 7694P outperforms any antenna its size. It features exclusive retuning for UHF and VHF-Hi band only, which will bring you all HDTV and DTV channels from 7-69. VHF-Hi band is needed in 98% of 2009 DTV markets.  Buy Now

Winegard exclusive driven element configuration boosts DTV performance to unprecedented levels.

 The HD7694P employs a compact weather proof cartridge housing where the phasing lines are coupled to state of the art surface mount coupler board to ensure the most efficient transfer of digital signal.   Buy HD7694P Now
HD7695P (VHF, UHF) HD7696P (VHF, UHF)
13 VHF Elements, 23 UHF Elements
90.25" Boom Length, Channels 7-69

Buy HD7695P TV Antenna

15 VHF Elements, 26 UHF Elements
110.75" Boom Length, Channels 7-69

Buy HD7696P TV Antenna

HD-7010 (VHF, UHF) HD-7015 (VHF, UHF)
9 VHF Elements, 13 UHF Elements
66.5" Boom Length, Channels 2-69

Buy HD7010 TV Antenna

12 VHF Elements, 19 UHF Elements
87.75" Boom Length, Channels 2-69

Buy HD7015 TV Antenna

HD7080P (VHF, UHF) HD7082P (VHF, UHF)
14 VHF Elements, 25 UHF Elements, 90" Boom Length, Channels 2-69

Buy HD7080P TV Antenna

18 VHF Elements, 32 UHF Elements, 110.5" Boom Length, Channels 2-69

Buy HD7082P TV Antenna

HD-4400 (UHF Only) HD-9022 (UHF Only)
13 Active Elements, 22" max width
34" vertical height, Channels 14-69

Buy HD4400 TV Antenna

26 Active Elements, 78.5" Boom Length
15" max width, Channels 14-69

Buy HD9022 TV Antenna

HD9075P (UHF Only)  
26 Active Elements, 60" Boom Length
27" max width, Channels 14-69

Buy HD9075P TV Antenna

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